Eli Rowe

Eli Rowe

CEO, World Medical Bank (WOMBA)
Medical Advisory Committee, United Refuah HealthShare

Eli Rowe

Eli Rowe is a highly energetic Health IT Executive who has leveraged close to 3 decades of experience in the Health ata Aggregation Industry with an incredibly dedicated and devoted team of happy people with brilliant minds who possess a burning desire to make the world a healthier and better place.

Together they built and run Womba, the quintessential Consumer Mediated Health Information Exchange.

Eli has presented on professional platforms including The MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) Top of the Table conference, the mainstage of the AHOU and countless other regional and national corporate meetings and events.

Eli’s sense of humor and relaxed style is the backdrop for his diverse life as a successful CEO dealing with hundreds of Billion Dollar Companies and running the World Medical Bank, an Individualized Health Information Exchange.

Eli’s passion helps the world one patient at a time giving everyone a free World Medical Bank Account (WOMBA) and a medium to store and exchange all their medical data.

The Wonderful World of Womba brings incredible opportunities to help with the Opioid Crisis, Social Determinants of Health, Meaningful Interoperability, and so many other challenges  our country and world face; improving it for the better, one patient at a time.

Eli is passionate about EMS and Disaster Medicine and how data quickly and accurately gets exchanged during global emergencies and during emergencies of one.

When Eli was introduced to United Refuah HealthShare, he quickly realized that leveraging Womba’s revolutionary platform with United Refuah’s evolutionary offering would realize tremendous value for so many beneficiaries of the HealthShare.

In his volunteer missions as a paramedic and Jet911 rescue pilot, Eli can be found at all hours of the day and night helping patients and the less fortunate around the corner and around the globe.